Web Deisgn

Design Elements

Envene’s design studio completes a scope of strategic issues when planning and implementing any web design project:

  • Business and Market Strategy
  • Interactivity, Multimedia and Simulations
  • Information Architecture
  • Content Strategy
  • Cross-Platform Implementation
  • Design Trends

Information Architecture

Envene’s studio consists of information architects who are qualified to devise well structured web design strategies by generating:

  • Navigation Model Design
  • Classification and Categorization of Content
  • Creating Clear Documentation
  • Defining All Elements for each Site Page

By creating effective documentation, information architecture and underlining user-oriented design Envene insures success for the client and itself.


Envene’s design studio is very attentive of all web design details and variables when developing interfaces. Details like:

  • Size and Position of Certain Content and Functionalities
  • Typography
  • Colors
  • Site Navigation
  • Animations
  • User Interactivity

Envene’s objective is to assist users in quickly finding what they need and effortlessly completing their tasks while engaging with an outstanding website.


Envene is dedicated to ground-breaking website design with an emphasis on a usability of the user interface and its ease of use. Envene’s design studio focuses on envisioning designs with a unique style that is not only fitting but enterprising the client’s corporate identity branding.

Experienced in producing striking versatile professional work in web design our studio is well equipped in offering the optimum exposure your company needs. Integrating a unique attractive look and a feel with the latest design trends in mind; empowering your site to realize its potential.

Envene strives to constantly understand how people use new technology and relating that information to our clients’ prospects. Our value-added experience design incorporates e-statistics which provide our clients with:

  • Online Customer Behavior
  • Customer Preferences
  • Path Orientation
  • Online Demographics

Such targeted vital information can help our clients strengthen their customer relations and build customer loyalty.

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