Multimedia Design


Envene develops interactive multimedia projects which allow our clients to expand their horizon of how they go about doing business. Marketing, training, or even online support for their products on services can all be accomplished. Such investments can be deemed cost-effective with time.

  • Promotional Digital Marketing Presentations
  • Training Walk-through
  • Product Overviews

E-Business Cards

An E-Business Card is a distinct convincing way for your company to make an impression and promote your products and services. With the convenient size of a credit card and the performance of a CD media the marketing opportunities are endless.

E-Business Cards are implemented internationally as the new medium to present your business. Advantages include:

  • Memorable
  • Multimedia Presentations
  • Audio Visual Impact
  • Animations
  • Product Photos
  • Interactivities
  • Web Links

E-Business Cards are fully personalized to your requirements and corporate branding. Their multifaceted uses allow it to be an effective sale aid and product launcher at trade shows and conferences.

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