Customer Support at Envene is crucial for business success. Contacts with clients are business opportunities to enhance standing, establish loyalty and increase sales. Our quality of customer support is one of the main reasons major businesses choose to work in partnership with Envene.

Complaint Logging and Priority Setting

Support representative log the requests by assigning a ticket to the matter, sets a priority to the case depending on the urgency. Urgent matters (i.e. email problem) will be attended to immediately and resolved within 24 hours otherwise; the problem is passed on to Envene’s management.

Resolving the Case

Once resolved, the problem or request, the support representative closes the ticket with details as well as resolution steps and procedures done. Times, names of representatives are all included in the related ticket for documentation purposes.

If for any reason the client is not satisfied with the final resolution of the problem or job request, the ticket is reopened and the above process restarts until the client is fully satisfied.

Customer Care Data Analysis

In our endless and continuing efforts for improvement, Envene conducts a data analysis on a quarterly basis. A system based on related statistics has been set to assess performance of our business areas, how the affect client satisfaction and how we can improve upon them to better suit your needs.

Improving Operational Processes:

  • Identifying vital performance indicators (VPIs) which reflect how well Envene’s customer care is responding to clients’ expectations
  • Setting measurable means to recognize recurring weaknesses
  • Establishing areas of concern
  • Putting in place corrective measures
  • Initiating a preventive policy

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